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Dog Dementia

October 3rd, 2022|Categories: Pet Column, Pet Health|

We love old dogs. They’re calm, trained, loyal, and wise. Although they sometimes need a bit more care for age-related ailments, they are worth it. The physical challenges of age are easier for many families to understand and manage than the mental changes in their elderly dog.

It’s heartbreaking when your beloved old dog goes outside one day and doesn’t know how to return to the house. She stands in the yard until someone brings her back. She starts having accidents. She doesn’t recognize people she’s known forever. She forgets things she was taught as a puppy. It’s puzzling when she paces and barks at nonexistent threats.

Booty Scootin’

August 1st, 2022|Categories: Pet Behavior, Pet Column, Pet Health|

Every dog does things that are cringe-worthy. Humping, licking those places, sniffing crotches, gagging (causing the mad dash to get outside), and yes… scooting our butts across the carpet or grass. Whether we choose to scoot in the middle of your dinner party or while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee- it’s something you probably wish would stop. 

Ticks Are Ick

July 11th, 2022|Categories: Pet Column, Pet Health|

Creepy, crawly, blood-sucking, little jerks. Yep, we all hate ticks. Have you come back from a hike or a walk around the block to find a tick on your dog? Or your cat wanders around the yard and comes back with a tick? Ick.

The Heat is On

June 20th, 2022|Categories: Pet Column, Pet Health|

You’re sweating, I’m panting, the cats are sleeping in the shade. We all have ways to cope with the hot summer temperatures.

People sweat, which helps cool your skin. A dog's main way to cool down is panting. Moisture evaporates from our tongues, noses, and the lining of their lungs as we pant. As this air circulates, it helps cool us off. Cats conserve energy, seek out cool surfaces (sleeping on a tile floor), and groom (saliva evaporates off their fur, cooling them down).

Eye Boogers

September 21st, 2020|Categories: Pet Column, Pet Column Classics, Pet Health|

So, eye boogers…kind of a normal natural bodily function but somehow makes you humans queasy. Would it help if I called it leaky lookers instead? Or I could stick to the more technical term “ocular discharge”, although somehow that almost sounds worse. Anyway, pet parents are worrying about an increase in this “activity” due to all the smoke in the air these past weeks so I wanted to address this.

Hairy Balls

August 3rd, 2020|Categories: Pet Column, Pet Column Classics, Pet Health|

Hair balls. Yep, in last week’s Pet Column Zola wrote about saving the world and this week I write about slimy balls of fur. Somehow that seems unfair to me but I’ll tell you what, dealing with partially digested, then regurgitated, balls of hairy goop is real too. Fur balls need to be openly discussed and not swept under the carpet (where they would just get moldy and stinky).

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