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Saving Community Cats


Last week, we explained how to recognize a feral cat versus a homeless or stray cat. As anyone who works to save community cats will

Saving Community Cats2024-01-31T14:29:19-07:00

No Dog Left Inside


Look at all that snow!! It’s time to get outside and enjoy it with your dog. Dogs motivate us to get out and enjoy our

No Dog Left Inside2024-01-17T16:05:11-07:00

First Aid for Your Pet


Living in a remote area as we do, we must be more self-sufficient. Most of us know how to help an injured friend or family

First Aid for Your Pet2023-11-27T17:33:22-07:00

Winter Dog Gear


Anticipation and excitement are palpable as we wait for the winter ahead. Getting out in the snow and cold is second nature to those living

Winter Dog Gear2023-11-06T15:00:03-07:00

Elusive Dog Tails


Why do dogs chase and bite their tail? It’s funny, puzzling, and sometimes frustrating when your dog catches sight of his tail and spins in

Elusive Dog Tails2023-09-11T16:11:43-06:00

They Had Nowhere Else to Go


Stories of Pets Helped at Second Chance Humane Society Abu's story is hard to hear... He was left in someone's front yard. He was so

They Had Nowhere Else to Go2024-01-18T14:52:43-07:00

Is He Too Hot?


It’s hotter than… So many ways to finish that sentence, but it all comes down to “Dang, it’s too hot!” With temperatures nearing triple digits,

Is He Too Hot?2023-07-24T17:06:39-06:00

Foxtails are Dangerous!


A common plant in our area can make a simple walk in a field dangerous for a dog or cat. Yep, we’re talking foxtails. The

Foxtails are Dangerous!2023-07-10T20:22:38-06:00
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