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Finding a Lost Dog


Second Chance Humane Society has had two lost dog cases in the past year. Both were nervous dogs who escaped from a new home or

Finding a Lost Dog2023-01-30T11:51:53-07:00

Is That Cat Really Lost?


Did you know that less than 10% of lost cats are reunited with their owners? Here at Second Chance, our adult cats are either owner

Is That Cat Really Lost?2023-01-23T11:58:26-07:00

Who Pays for This?


A few weeks ago, the Pet Column talked about the difference between a shelter and a rescue. One big difference is how an organization is funded.

Sometimes, a shelter or rescue is funded by a city or county government through taxes and fees collected and designated for animal control. Some shelters are funded and supported by a larger organization (like ASPCA or Best Friends). We’re neither of those.

Who Pays for This?2022-11-22T09:14:25-07:00

Pet Years to People Years


With November being “Adopt a Senior Pet” month, the age of a pet is something we’re thinking about. Although our pets who are 7 years old and older are available for our special “older” pet adoption rate, most pets are not really “old” at seven.

Pet Years to People Years2022-11-22T09:13:40-07:00

Does Your Cat Look Down on You?


Winston Churchill once said: “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

The cat in a tree is a common stereotype, and some cats do enjoy being up high, looking down on you from above (and not because we are snobbish). However, there are many felines who prefer otherwise. 

Does Your Cat Look Down on You?2022-11-22T09:16:04-07:00

3.3.3 Rule for Adopting a Dog


How long does it take to decide if a dog is the right fit for your home?

Adopting a rescue dog is an exciting time. You decided to add a new family member, you fell in love with a dog, and now it’s time to bring her home. Sometimes it goes smoothly, but more likely there will be an adjustment for you and the dog. 

3.3.3 Rule for Adopting a Dog2022-11-22T09:13:40-07:00

Do You Smell Sad?


Are dog noses emotion detectors? We know that dogs have a formidable sense of smell. It’s estimated that an average dog has 600 million smell receptors (compared to only 12 million in you). But can a dog smell things other than food, toys, and each other? Recent studies say yes. They can smell stress, depression, sadness, and grief.

Do You Smell Sad?2022-11-22T09:16:04-07:00

Dog Dementia


We love old dogs. They’re calm, trained, loyal, and wise. Although they sometimes need a bit more care for age-related ailments, they are worth it. The physical challenges of age are easier for many families to understand and manage than the mental changes in their elderly dog.

It’s heartbreaking when your beloved old dog goes outside one day and doesn’t know how to return to the house. She stands in the yard until someone brings her back. She starts having accidents. She doesn’t recognize people she’s known forever. She forgets things she was taught as a puppy. It’s puzzling when she paces and barks at nonexistent threats.

Dog Dementia2022-11-22T09:15:14-07:00

Can Cats Eat People Food?


We cats are curious creatures, exploring our surroundings and perhaps your food. Sometimes our people also give us treats or tastes from the table, which makes us happy. But we don’t have the same digestive system as humans or dogs. 

Can Cats Eat People Food?2022-11-22T09:15:14-07:00

Shelter or Rescue?


Last week’s Pet Column told the story of a group of dogs who needed to be removed from the property where they were living. There were over thirty dogs, and many of them were unsocialized and had health issues. The positive outcome for these dogs was made possible by cooperation between shelters and rescues across the state. In writing that, we wondered about the terms “shelter” and “rescue”. Aren’t they the same thing? 

Shelter or Rescue?2022-11-22T09:14:25-07:00
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