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Chirping Cats


Feline Sounds Beyond the Meow and Purr Chirping, chirruping, trilling, chattering… all words to describe sounds many cats make that are very different than a

Chirping Cats2023-09-18T15:00:39-06:00

Elusive Dog Tails


Why do dogs chase and bite their tail? It’s funny, puzzling, and sometimes frustrating when your dog catches sight of his tail and spins in

Elusive Dog Tails2023-09-11T16:11:43-06:00

They Had Nowhere Else to Go


Stories of Pets Helped at Second Chance Humane Society Donations to nonprofits such as Second Chance taper off during the summer months. For us, this

They Had Nowhere Else to Go2023-09-05T11:30:30-06:00

Is He Too Hot?


It’s hotter than… So many ways to finish that sentence, but it all comes down to “Dang, it’s too hot!” With temperatures nearing triple digits,

Is He Too Hot?2023-07-24T17:06:39-06:00

Sometimes They Come Back


We believe that people can be trusted to know when it’s time to add a pet to their home. We don’t subscribe to the theory

Sometimes They Come Back2023-07-18T09:23:19-06:00

Foxtails are Dangerous!


A common plant in our area can make a simple walk in a field dangerous for a dog or cat. Yep, we’re talking foxtails. The

Foxtails are Dangerous!2023-07-10T20:22:38-06:00
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