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Fascination with Feline Eyes


Yeats wrote that a cat’s eyes are "the nearest kin of the moon". Celtic tradition held that cats' eyes were a portal to another world.

Fascination with Feline Eyes2024-06-18T17:29:40-06:00

Not a Worm


Second Chance Humane Society's Response to Ringworm If you follow our social media and newsletters, you know we have been talking about ringworm since the

Not a Worm2024-06-18T17:12:26-06:00

Is Black Dog Syndrome a Myth?


Merle, tricolor, white, golden, brindle… are certain colors of dogs more adoptable? The prevailing thought is that black dogs are harder to place in homes,

Is Black Dog Syndrome a Myth?2024-06-04T15:37:15-06:00

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid of Men?


As a society, our understanding of gender roles is increasingly nuanced. In this post, we use broad generalizations to explain the differences between “women” and

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid of Men?2024-04-30T14:33:22-06:00

Volunteers Make Us Successful


Aristotle stated, “The essence of life is to serve others and do good.” April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! We salute all volunteers: past, present,

Volunteers Make Us Successful2024-04-22T18:06:14-06:00

Should You Rescue Those Kittens?


Spring is when animals reproduce. For cats, they can keep reproducing until the weather turns cold again. In our area, kitten season starts in early

Should You Rescue Those Kittens?2024-04-08T12:03:21-06:00
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