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Fascination with Feline Eyes


Yeats wrote that a cat’s eyes are "the nearest kin of the moon". Celtic tradition held that cats' eyes were a portal to another world.

Fascination with Feline Eyes2024-06-18T17:29:40-06:00

Not a Worm


Second Chance Humane Society's Response to Ringworm If you follow our social media and newsletters, you know we have been talking about ringworm since the

Not a Worm2024-06-18T17:12:26-06:00

Is Black Dog Syndrome a Myth?


Merle, tricolor, white, golden, brindle… are certain colors of dogs more adoptable? The prevailing thought is that black dogs are harder to place in homes,

Is Black Dog Syndrome a Myth?2024-06-04T15:37:15-06:00

Safe Gardening with Pets


A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the hazards of weeds that can harm your pet. But, what about things you might plant or

Safe Gardening with Pets2024-05-20T15:07:25-06:00

Working Together for Cats


Cats in our community are often living a precarious existence. There are cat colonies all over; in neighborhoods, at local businesses, vacant lots, parks, and

Working Together for Cats2024-05-06T13:20:45-06:00

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid of Men?


As a society, our understanding of gender roles is increasingly nuanced. In this post, we use broad generalizations to explain the differences between “women” and

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid of Men?2024-04-30T14:33:22-06:00

Volunteers Make Us Successful


Aristotle stated, “The essence of life is to serve others and do good.” April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! We salute all volunteers: past, present,

Volunteers Make Us Successful2024-04-22T18:06:14-06:00
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