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Shelter from the Storm


"I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form Come in, she said I'll give ya shelter from the storm Try imagining a

Shelter from the Storm2023-11-15T16:00:26-07:00

Community Generosity Shared


Second Chance thrift shops are incredibly fortunate to have the support of our generous community. We receive multitudes of donated goods, and by reselling them

Community Generosity Shared2023-11-02T17:49:02-06:00

Spooky Night for Pets


Keep Them Safe on Halloween It’s goblin, candy, and party, time again. Halloween can be so much fun for kids and adults. But how does

Spooky Night for Pets2023-10-23T13:03:07-06:00

For the Love of Tabby Cats


Stripes, Spots & Swirls Tabby is the most common pattern for cats' coats. The gene for the tabby pattern can be found in all domestic

For the Love of Tabby Cats2023-10-16T14:13:53-06:00

They Had Nowhere Else to Go


Stories of Pets Helped at Second Chance Humane Society Donations to nonprofits such as Second Chance taper off during the summer months. For us, this

They Had Nowhere Else to Go2023-09-05T11:30:30-06:00

Be Prepared: Disaster Planning for Pets


Floods, fires, hurricanes… our world is evolving. Weather events that were unfathomable 20 years ago are the new normal. Messages of preparedness are everywhere, and

Be Prepared: Disaster Planning for Pets2023-08-22T10:00:03-06:00

Lost and Found Cats


A week ago, we received a stray cat. He was a young, neutered, friendly boy who was obviously someone’s pet. After posting his photo to

Lost and Found Cats2023-08-14T16:52:30-06:00
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