Fascination with Feline Eyes


Yeats wrote that a cat’s eyes are "the nearest kin of the moon". Celtic tradition held that cats' eyes were a portal to another world.

Fascination with Feline Eyes2024-06-18T17:29:40-06:00

Making Resolutions Like a Pet


Lose weight. Exercise more. Stop eating junk food. Read books. Get a promotion. Make more money. Learn a new language. Resolutions are usually about being

Making Resolutions Like a Pet2023-12-26T10:33:13-07:00

Adopting a Pet During the Holidays


The holiday season can be lonely for shelter pets. Everyone is busy shopping, decorating, baking, and getting ready for Santa. In the winter months, we

Adopting a Pet During the Holidays2023-12-11T15:43:22-07:00
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