Lose weight. Exercise more. Stop eating junk food. Read books. Get a promotion. Make more money. Learn a new language.

Resolutions are usually about being a better human or “fixing” something about ourselves. Instead, we should all resolve to be more like cats and dogs. 

Play with abandon. Don’t worry if you look graceful, are out of breath, or follow any rules- play because it brings you joy. Chase a ball, play with a friend, or jump around. Get dirty. Jump in the water.

Sleep when you’re tired. Find a sunny spot or curl up under a blanket and allow yourself to rest when you need it. Take a cat nap at your desk. Rest your eyes when they feel scratchy. 

Take walks. No destination or number of steps is required. Walk because the fresh air feels good. Walk with a friend, no leashes are needed.

Find interesting things to sniff. Maybe it’s a new food or a new hobby. Maybe it just smells good.

Hide when you feel overwhelmed. Taking a minute or two in a quiet spot can make all the difference. 

Purr more. Wag your tail. Express joy and happiness when you feel it. 

Accept head scratches and belly rubs. Enjoy it when someone gives you positive energy or feedback.

Greet new people with caution at first. When they prove themselves to be trustworthy and loyal, give them your unequivocal friendship. Roll over and show your belly if you find that special person to trust. If you need a loyal friend, consider a dog or cat. 

Eat when you’re hungry. Drink lots of water. Enjoy a treat.

Judge less. Forgive easily. Love more. 

Our resolution at Second Chance is to find homes for all our homeless pets. Ling Ling is an older cat who came to us after her human passed away. She’s got the most intriguing eyes, is friendly and playful, and would love a loving, low-key home.

Second Chance Humane Society’s Animal Resource Center and Shops have served San Miguel, Ouray & Montrose Counties since 1994. Adoption hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5:30 pm. View our shelter pets and services online: www.secondchancehumane.org Connecting Pets, People, and Community While Saving Lives