Learn why your cat blinks so slowly or why your dog chases his tail.

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid of Men?


As a society, our understanding of gender roles is increasingly nuanced. In this post, we use broad generalizations to explain the differences between “women” and

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid of Men?2024-04-30T14:33:22-06:00

Panther’s Story


About 18 months ago, we received a stray cat who did NOT like people. We determined that he was a feral cat and would be

Panther’s Story2024-03-18T18:14:09-06:00

Ouch! Why Does Your Cat Bite?


When your cat bites you or your family, it can happen quickly and cause injury. There are several reasons why cats bite, and it's important

Ouch! Why Does Your Cat Bite?2024-01-08T14:55:36-07:00

Beat the Blahs


Is Your Pet is Bored? Have you got the winter blahs? The excitement of the holidays is over. The good winter snowfall has yet to

Beat the Blahs2024-01-02T09:56:25-07:00

Chirping Cats


Feline Sounds Beyond the Meow and Purr Chirping, chirruping, trilling, chattering… all words to describe sounds many cats make that are very different than a

Chirping Cats2023-09-18T15:00:39-06:00

Elusive Dog Tails


Why do dogs chase and bite their tail? It’s funny, puzzling, and sometimes frustrating when your dog catches sight of his tail and spins in

Elusive Dog Tails2023-09-11T16:11:43-06:00

Lost and Found Cats


A week ago, we received a stray cat. He was a young, neutered, friendly boy who was obviously someone’s pet. After posting his photo to

Lost and Found Cats2023-08-14T16:52:30-06:00
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