Is Your Pet is Bored?

Have you got the winter blahs? The excitement of the holidays is over. The good winter snowfall has yet to happen. Blah. If you’re bored- your pet probably is too. Their boredom won’t be as obvious as binge-watching old sitcoms or playing games on their phones. Since they can’t tell you they’re bored, here are some signs to look for.

Are they being destructive? Maybe they’ve started chewing the coffee table legs, scratching your favorite chair, or tearing up the rugs. If these behaviors are a new thing or have recently gotten worse, it’s likely your pet is bored.

Just like us, our pets can overeat when they are bored. Be aware if your cat or dog is eating more than usual or becoming more of a beggar.

If they’re sleeping more than usual (and you’ve ruled out health issues), then they are probably bored. We tend to sleep or eat when there is nothing to do, which is also true for pets. Remember being stuck in the back seat and picking a fight with your sibling? Pets do the same thing. If you notice more conflicts between your pets, it could be that they are bored.

What if they just won’t leave you alone? Maybe your dog is whining, nudging, and begging for your attention. They’re most likely bored and need something to engage their mind. 

Boredom can mean pooping and peeing in places around the house or outside of a litter box. If your well-trained pet is suddenly changing their bathroom behaviors, it could be a sign. Of course, first rule out health issues or a senior pet who is becoming confused.

Repetitive behaviors are a sign of boredom or can be a sign that your pet has developed OCD. Dogs may pace, chase their tail, spin, chase shadows, or scratch themselves obsessively. Cats can pull or rip their fur, meow constantly, suck fabric, or excessively lick. Some of these behaviors can be harmful- and may require a trip to the vet.

Don’t wait until spring to alleviate your pet’s boredom. Take your dog for walks, throw a ball, get some new puzzle toys, or have a dog friend over to play. For your cat, consider a window perch or cat tree with a view of a bird feeder outside, a laser pointer, interactive toys, or a tunnel. 

If you’re bored, perhaps you should take on the challenge of training a puppy! Shiva is only seven months old. Her start in life was a bit rough, but she’s so ready to be loved and appreciated for the sweet, loving girl that she is.

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