We believe that people can be trusted to know when it’s time to add a pet to their home. We don’t subscribe to the theory that an intrusive, highly detailed adoption process is best for pets or people. Research shows that reduced fees, simple adoption applications, and easier adoptions benefit pets. However, with this approach, we believe that we need to be there if an adoption doesn’t work out. Some pets, like some people, may not be compatible with a person. 

Our boy Smidge has had a rough life. He was rescued last year as part of a multi-dog case where the pets had little care or socialization. His health was poor, with an abscess on his neck and a permanent limp because of an untreated leg injury. He went home with a family who really tried to make it work. But, because of his history- Smidge had difficulty bonding with the husband. He loved the wife but would not warm up to anyone else. So, Smidge is back. He’s a sweet, goofy boy who is approximately 7 years old. 

Chico is a different kind of returned pet. He was a dog we saw several times as a “stray”. He was allowed to roam, and concerned people in the neighborhood brought him to us on different occasions, and his former owner would retrieve him. After a discussion with us, we all decided it was in his best interest to have them surrender him. Now he is available to join a new family. Chico is a friendly, handsome guy who loves attention and adores being in the water. 

Kiki is gorgeous and sweet and has had some very bad luck. She’s been adopted and returned twice. The first time, she just didn’t get comfortable in the home. Soon after she returned, she was adopted again and seemed to have found her place. Unfortunately, her person became ill and unable to care for her, so she is back. She’s got thick, long, black fur, stunning eyes and would love another chance. 

Smidge, Chico, and Kiki are all considered senior pets, so their adoption fees are reduced.

Miso came to us last year as a feral kitten (with brother Tofu and sister Kimchi). They warmed up the staff gradually, and Kimchi was adopted. Unfortunately, by the time they had started to overcome their fears, they were competing with smaller, cute, friendly kittens for attention and adoption. We were excited when Miso was adopted. He returned to us last week because he just didn’t fit in the house where he lived. Essentially still a kitten (just over a year old), his energy didn’t match the expectation of the adopter. He and his brother hope to find a forever home soon. 

We are grateful to be here to accept these former residents back at the shelter and give them the chance to find the right person. Meet these and all our available pets from 11 am to 5:30 pm Wednesday through Sunday.


Second Chance Humane Society’s Animal Resource Center and Shops have served San Miguel, Ouray & Montrose Counties since 1994. Adoption hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am to 5:30 pm. View our shelter pets and services online: www.secondchancehumane.org