This is the fourth in a series of Pet Columns highlighting our 2022 Impact Statistics.

Our belief: “Pets and People Live Better Together” is fundamental to the services we offer. The most successful and fastest-growing service is our Community Veterinary Clinic. We’re happy to report, in 2022, we served 958 pets with spaying/neutering, vaccines, dental, wellness checks, diagnostics, and euthanasia.

Veterinary care at our facility began in 2016, but it was solely focused on care for the stray, abandoned and owner-surrendered animals that came into our care. Over the next few years, we realized that many of our surrender requests were because families could not afford veterinary care. Stories of having to relinquish a pet because of a lack of money to provide medicines or veterinary care were heartbreaking. That’s what motivated our decision to open the clinic to serve pet parents who were struggling financially, adding more days and more services. During the pandemic, the need for veterinary care sky-rocketed and we opened our clinic doors to all, with sliding scale fees. The goal is to provide quality, compassionate, professional veterinary care to everyone in the community who may need a more affordable option. As we come to expect more and more from full-service veterinary clinics, it makes sense for humane organizations to help fill the gap with the goal of keeping families together and keeping pets with the people that love them.

As a non-profit organization, we support and fund our services through grants, fundraising, and sponsorships from our community. Clinic customers pay rates that help us provide our services, but don’t always cover all the expenses associated with caring for pets. Although we have rates established, we always welcome donations at the time of service (or anytime!). If you can afford to pay more, please consider adding a donation to help the next family who may need help paying.

We also provide clinics in underserved communities in the west end of Montrose county. Nucla, Naturita, Paradox, Uravan, and Redvale are small, remote, rural areas where veterinary care is hard to find. We schedule regular clinics (during the spring, summer, and fall) where we vaccinate pets and provide other wellness services – usually treating over 60 pets in a day. We are starting to work with the tribal communities in the four-corners area to provide much-needed veterinary care.

As anyone who has visited our clinic knows, Dr. Shari, Tabby, and Tina are all very special people. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated, professional, skilled, and compassionate staff. Their commitment to helping pets is second to none.

Our vet clinic’s mission is to provide commonly-needed medical and surgical procedures and is open four days a week (by appointment). We have recently added more recovery space, a reception area, and more room for surgeries and exams. 

My name is Gonzo, and I love Dr. Shari, Tabby, and Tina. I came to Second Chance in pretty bad shape. I was really matted, skinny, and had issues with my teeth. They fixed me up, and are continuing to care for me until I find someone who wants to bring a senior cat into their home to love and care for. I promise to give lots of purrs in return.


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