Were you ever the last kid picked in gym class? Remember how that felt? There are several of us cats here at Second Chance who feel just like that. Adult cats are a great addition to your family. We have learned our manners, are usually happy lounging in a sunny spot, and don’t stage random attacks (like kittens do). 

For us, friends come and go here at the shelter, but we are still waiting. There is no clear reason for this, and certainly not our fault. We have lovely demeanors, stunning looks and lack any annoying habits. We aren’t sure why we haven’t found our families, so we’re making this plea to you: please give us a chance. Almost everything you’ll read here is true.

 rebekahI’m Rebekah, and I’m a young, small, gray and brown tabby cat. At one time, I was a shy, reserved girl who wasn’t sure about people. With time, I’ve really come out of my shell, and I’m now a playful, loving sweetheart. My caregivers here at Second Chance love me very much, but I really need a home. I’m happy and affectionate. I may not have the flashiest looks, but I am beautiful in my own way. I’m also skilled at playing the violin.



cosmo.2Cosmo here. I’m a big, full-figured guy with a handsome, short, gray and white coat and white whiskers. I’m happy to play with toys or sleep in a cozy bed. I practice levitation and get along with almost everyone, and love to be petted. I’m waiting for someone to notice what a wonderful cat I am. I recently gave a speech to Congress.

pigRemember that kid in school whose parents gave them a very unfortunate name? Like a boy named Leslie? Well, maybe that is my problem. You see, my name is Pig. It doesn’t really fit, as I’m clean, have a slim figure, and I never snort. I am requesting my name be changed to Fig. I also have not found my home yet. I’m a very friendly yellow and white boy with gold eyes. I’d love to be a part of a family. I am training to be a paramedic.

tiny fluffI’m not very tiny (10 pounds of full-figured beauty), and I’m not particularly fluffy. But, for some reason my name is Tiny Fluff. I’m a quiet, sweet, torti girl who would love to sit in a window and observe your neighborhood. I’m not a fan of dogs, but I like most other cats.  In my spare time, I raise exotic orchids.




I’m one of several black cats here at Second Chance. My name is Stanley, and I’m a big guy with short, shiny black hair. I weigh in at 13 pounds, pure muscle with a warm layer covering it. I’m soft, silky, talkative, and I’ve got personality to spare. I love to have my head scratched and will purr for you on cue. I was on the Olympic bobsled team in Beijing, but I keep it on the down low.



To visit and/or adopt any of these wonderful, uniquely skilled and deserving cats, contact our friends at the shelter (970)626-2273 or email sam@adoptmountainpets.org

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