What is happening?!? There are kittens downstairs, upstairs, and in the front room right now! And, I just heard the phone ring with another person who has kittens they want to bring in. My caregivers here at the Second Chance Cat Castle need help with all these cute little babies- since most of them are not ready to move to their forever home yet. “Kitten season” is in full swing!

litterFoster care for kittens is the best way to make sure they are ready to be welcomed into a family when they’re old enough. They get the cuddles they need to learn how wonderful it is to be someone’s pet, while getting care and feeding that babies require.

Do you have a couple weeks to a couple months to foster kittens? It’s a job that, although time consuming, is very rewarding and filled with entertainment and laughs (kittens are goofballs!)

If you think you might be interested, there are a few things you need to consider. First- your household needs to be appropriate for young kittens, and everyone who lives there needs to be on board with welcoming the little furballs. You’ll need a place for them that is safe, easy to clean, and separated from other animals in the home. 

Your schedule needs to allow for kitten care. Depending on the age and health of the kittens, you may need to be available as often as every 2-3 hours. This means bringing them to work or arranging for care when you’re unavailable. 

You’ll want to kitten proof your home. Open trash cans, toilets, toxic plants, etc. can get kittens into trouble. Just think of them as furry, curious toddlers that can climb really well and get into tiny little nooks.kitten.personAfter your kittens are healthy, well-socialized, and ready to join a family, saying goodbye might be hard! However, you can pat yourself on the back knowing that you saved a life. Saying goodbye is the best part of fostering, because you’ve opened your home up to be able to save even more animals. It also means the kittens will soon be in a home with their own family. Like the rest of us here at Second Chance, we know that is the ultimate win for all of us. 

Do you think you want to foster? My friends at Second Chance will provide instructions and supplies. Give us a call at (970)626-2273.

 rebekahHi, I’m Rebekah. I’m one of the non-kittens here at Second Chance, although I’m petite and very much lap-sized. I used to be a shy cat, but I’ve decided people are a-okay. I love toys, get along with other cats, and don’t really mind dogs. Sudden noises can startle me a bit.



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