I saw last week’s pet column, “Why Cats are the Best Pets”, and I was confused. Why would anyone question the superiority of canine companionship? When you see all the funny, playful, adorable, loyal dogs here at Second Chance, you might want to adopt them all! Here are just a few of countless reasons why a dog is the very best pet.

Loyalty. Dogs are there for you no matter what you’re going through (unlike a cat or a person). A dog will love you unconditionally. We’re good listeners and will never judge you for confessing your embarrassing secrets. Dogs are there for you.

 listeningdogPositive outlook. Most dogs get excited over the simplest things – sticks, dropped food, the mailman, a hike in the mountains. We will help you appreciate and notice life’s joys, both large and small.

Warm cuddles are good for you. What is better than relaxing on the sofa with a dog (or two) next to you (or on your lap)? Scientific studies have shown that petting a familiar dog lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate and breathing, and relaxes muscle tension. And we don’t hog the remote.

Making friends. Walking an adorable dog is a perfect conversation starter. In a world where more people are working from home and moving to new places, a dog might just be your ticket to having a social life.


 Laughter. We dogs can be goofy, silly, funny additions to your life. We might bark at the neighbor’s lawn ornaments, twitch as we watch a squirrel out the window, or just give you that look when you don’t offer treats as often as we expect.

Dogs get you moving. Taking your dog out for walks gets your steps in. A study discovered that people with dogs in their lives are nearly four times more likely to meet daily physical activity guidelines. That means you’d spend nearly 300 minutes every week walking, running, and moving. That’s 200 more minutes than people without a pup (or people who have a cat).

A dog is always happy to see you- whether you stepped outside to get the mail or had an extra-long day at work. Your spouse, teenager, cat, or smart speaker will not greet you at the door with a look of total adoration.  


Yes, it’s your decision. When adding a new family member, will you make the obvious choice and adopt a dog? You might even consider a dog who likes cats (and have both).


My name is Dodger. I’m just a pup- about 8 months old. I’m friendly, cute, playful, smart, and silly. I am still learning my manners, but I’m making great progress. I’m the perfect size (medium-ish), have easy-to-care for short hair, and an adorable white stripe down my nose.


I’m sure a dog is the right choice for you (maybe me!).

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