When you are adding a pet to your family, you might be deciding between a dog or a cat. The choice is obvious- go feline. I have many attractive, playful, loving, and loyal friends here at Second Chance who would be perfect. Why are cats the best? Here are just a few reasons.

Cats are great lap warmers. Whether you’re working at home, reading a good book, looking out the window, lounging on the patio- a cat will be happy sitting right there on your lap. We are champion nappers- most of us sleep up to 16 hours a day! 

 sleepy catWhen we are awake, we are entertaining companions. We play, stretch, jump on windowsills, and watch the birds outside. A dog requires exercise- usually a walk or two a day- or hours of ball-throwing in the yard. We cats are self-sufficient. We appreciate you playing with us, and it helps us stay active and happy- but you don’t have to walk us outside in the rain, wind, snow, or heat. And, you won’t get a sore elbow from throwing that dang ball over and over and over.

Dogs stink. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Dogs need to be bathed a lot more often than cats- or they start to stink. We usually take care of our own hygiene needs with frequent tongue baths.


No baggies needed. We don’t require the poop pick-up that canines require. A scoop of the litter box, and we’re good to go.

Peace and quiet. Dogs can be very noisy with their barking, howling, and whining. Your neighbors will probably never complain about the noise your cat makes. We’re typically very low noise sort of creatures. 

Cats rule and dogs drool. That is actually the truth. Many dogs drool- but you’ll almost never find a cat who does not have control of her saliva.

Cats respect your stuff. Most cats don’t chew up your shoes. Or leave nose prints on the windows. Or dig up your flower beds. True, we sometimes use the sofa to sharpen our claws, but if you provide other, more appealing options, we can be encouraged to leave the furniture alone.

While I understand it’s a very personal decision, I hope you will consider adding a cat to your family. We can even get along with dogs, if they accept us and respect us as superior beings. 

(Next week: Why Dogs are the Best Pets)


Hi! My name is Pearl. I’m a small, tabby and white girl with a pretty pink nose who loves being petted. I’m a little nervous in new situations, but I’m sure I’ll be just fine after I settle into my new home. Come meet me, and let me convince you that a cat is the best pet for you (maybe me!).

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