This purpose of this 3-part mini-series on animal communication (see Second Chance’s website below for prior columns) has not been to convince readers to hire an animal communicator, but just to understand and consider the concept of it. It is simply another way to connect with your pet. No pressure. For some it makes sense and works, for others it doesn’t. This is a true story of when it did work…

About 15 years ago a dog named Merlyn arrived at Second Chance after being found living in an abandoned mine on Red Mountain Pass. He was a weathered, stoic, senior dog who’d clearly had a rough life. He also had a heart of gold.

Unfortunately, while in foster care, Merlyn became very ill. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and was considered terminal. He could not keep food down and was exhausted. After several weeks of further decline, the shelter staff made the tough decision to schedule his euthanasia.

One of the staff decided to bring Merlyn home to offer him love and comfort for his final days. Having used an animal communicator in the past with her pets, finding it insightful and affirming when making end of life decisions for pets, she scheduled an appointment.

The animal communicator, upon being updated on Merlyn’s diagnosis and symptoms, immediately stated that Merlyn didn’t believe in cancer and was going to get better. She went on to talk about how hard his life had been and he’d never been loved or learned to play. She stated he was going to start running and playing and live the life he deserved for the first time.

Upon hearing this the staff member looked down at Merlyn, whose lymph nodes were so enlarged that he breathed like Darth Vader, who barely had energy to go outside to relieve himself, and thought, “she must have him confused with another dog”. But, against all logic and reason, she decided to cancel his euthanasia appointment and see how Merlyn did.

She cooked him chicken and rice meals which he soon started being able keep down. Slowly his energy returned and a few months later his lymph nodes and breathing returned to normal. She shared what happened next…

“One day I was walking Merlyn through a field with my two young energetic dogs. The first few months Merlyn had just ambered along slowly, but on this day, he suddenly started chasing after my other dogs. When he caught them, he began to play with them. I was absolutely dumbstruck. It was like witnessing an oracle’s prediction as Merlyn came to life before my eyes. Eyes that were soon flowing with tears of joy and gratitude.”

Merlyn continued to improve every day, run with his dog friends, and amaze his veterinarian and everyone who’d met him a few months prior. Thus, a month later, Merlyn was listed for adoption. His new family gave him what he had truly “held on to life for”, being loved, part of a family, and blissful walks along the river below his home with a dog sibling. He also got to share his magic.

Merlyn’s cancer returned a year after his adoption. This time he was ready to go. Merlyn still holds a very special place in the hearts of all who loved him, people grateful for the beautiful gift that the animal communicator gave them all.

Again, this is not a recommendation, just an invitation to explore the possibilities of animal communicators. My name is Alex. I am a 7ish year-young homeless boy kitty, with a heart of gold like Merlyn. I am a gifted cuddler and, inspired by Merlyn, ready to experience a fulfilling life of love and loving…

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