Last week Second Chance homeless kitty, Teenie, introduced the growing field of animal communication to Pet Column readers. She discussed how it works, which is challenging for the human brain to comprehend as you all tend to be linear thinkers. This week I am moving the conversation to how animal communication is applied; I think you will like this next part…

After the Boulder County fires last month, the planetary emergency we are facing became a little more evident to some in Colorado. In my opinion, the connection between humans and animals is taking on a deeper meaning and urgency and it is through this connection that humans will learn how to live more in harmony and balance with the planet. But beyond saving the world, animal communication can help with more immediate matters as well.

Animal communicators assist people with a very broad variety of pet-related issues. Because people are naturally skeptical, I decided to talk directly to people who have experienced direct results from working with an animal communicator, rather than take the word of animal communicators. I found that people seek help from animal communicators for such reasons as finding a lost pet, addressing behavior issues, understanding physical issues and ill health, end of life challenges, reaching closure after a death, or just wanting to feel more connected with their pet.

Hearing the many stories of success from animal communication has been remarkable and encouraging. People spoke of unexplained medical issues (weird skin issues, limping, lethargy, weight gain, etc.), that veterinarians could find not origin or treatment for, that were turned around after one session with an animal communicator. It should be noted that animal communicators do not seek to be a replacement for veterinary care, just an augmentation.

Another person spoke of their cat that was angry all the time that turned into a calm and loving family member after engagement with an animal communicator. Others shared experiences of gaining clarity and improved understanding of why their pets were demonstrating certain behaviors. And yes, some spoke of using an animal communicator to help find lost pets.

Making end of life decisions for pets can be very difficult for pet parents and I spoke to several people who were really guided through this process by communicating with their pet via an animal communicator. One of these stories involves a very ill dog at Second Chance Humane Society. Our last column of this series on animal communication, next week, will end with this truly lovely story.

My name is Rinty. I am a lovable boy whose 11 whole short weeks of life have been filled with second chance’s. My mom and siblings were rescued from the cold and have been in foster care since arriving at Second Chance, just one week from when we were born.

I am a cattle dog mystery mix (maybe some beagle? I don’t expect to get much more than 35-40 pounds) ready to live life well. I just want a warm, loving home and family where I can remind people of the important elements of life – love and joy. I look forward to meeting you…

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