There continues to be a lot going on in the people-world this year. Whether you are cat person or not we are here to help you through these times with our feline wisdom. This week’s Pet Column offers up some much needed cattitude, as well as some post-election week updates on whether cats can really vote…

Let’s begin with cattitude. It all comes down to comfort. Although an acquired skill, feeling comfortable in your environment is critical to navigating change and uncertainty. I can make herself comfy on, well, pretty much anything. This means the world can spin in crazy directions but I don’t have to spin with it. I can find a small little sunny nook away from the chaos of the world and continue to be and do me. Give it a try…

Making time for playing with others is also a way to stay fresh in the game of life. Cat play is very COVID-restriction compliant. It doesn’t require travel, money or lots of people. My most enjoyable times with others involve no more than a crushed up piece of paper and another cat or person.

Cats can be very, very clear when it comes to sharing our opinions on things … especially things like baths, dinner time, and car rides. So don’t be afraid to state your opinion but do it respectfully and with consideration of others needs and opinions.

A family cat’s official job, marked by duties such as lounging around, looking adorable and entertaining others with our quirks and antics, is pretty plush. And although we may thank you in rather unusual ways, like biting your toes or rubbing against your legs, we do like to show our gratitude for what we have. Being grateful keeps the stress down and the contentment up. Follow our lead and try on some cattitude this week.

And now for the post-election week updates. First off, despite the rumors, cats and dogs are not really allowed to vote. There have been a few rare instances where pets have received ballots in the mail but anyone who has ever thought it made sense to return those ballots has been charged with voter fraud. The point, which is being directed to those claiming otherwise during this election, we are innocent beings and did not put your democratic process at risk.

However, it should be noted that there have been two cats who have run for U.S. President. Limberbutt McCubbins and Dr. Jekyll, both felines, were officially registered with the FEC for the 2016 election. Limberbutt, hashtag #meowisthetime, had a campaign webpage promoting his platforms regarding fair wages, a just tax code, and affordable health care for animals. Dr. Jekyll was popular enough to participate in a Huffpost live debate. I am totally not making this up and have no idea how applications for U.S. President Candidacy does not require the applicant to be a human. I am only the messenger.

Back to me now, my name is Hugh-E (pronounced hug-ee) and yes I have earned my name. My happy place is cuddling with people and at only 3 months young I have a lot of hugs to give. I have no political ambitions, only great cattitude.

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