As a shelter cat here at Second Chance Humane Society I have been witness to what I believe is a growing disparity between the feline versus canine connection with humans. There are some strong indicators in shelters nationwide. For example, stray dogs are far more often reclaimed by their owners than stray cats and there always more cats in the shelter than dogs. This is not the cat’s fault and it needs to change.

Other indicators can be found to support my concerns such as that, the number of dog owners taking their pets to the veterinarian is six times greater compared to the same number of cat owners. Additionally, cats are spayed/neutered far less than dogs as well. 

To confront this possible epidemic of catism (a.k.a. cat discrimination) I have decided to initiate a cat re-imaging campaign to re-cast my species in a positive light and promote positive human attitudes about our diverse and unique felinalities (as opposed to personalities of course). 

I ask for your support in this campaign because I cannot do it alone. Please join me in reminding all people of our endearing and distinctive qualities that have made us remarkable companions and comforts to millions of people over the years. 

When people or the media who lack understanding of our lovable and gentle natures attempt to cast us in a negative or sinister manner you can counter it by promoting our more recognized and realistic qualities of Heroic Explorers, Sophisticated Sages, and Jolly Jesters. 

Remind people that cats are not bad, selfish, or lazy and that such negative and false anthropocentric projections should not be flung upon us. Our true natures – full of curiosity, wisdom, and playfulness – should be brought to the forefront, honored and celebrated. 

It is important to realize that this re-imaging campaign is not about cats competing with dogs. It is not a dog vs cat thing. We are not dogs and it is ok if we don’t always come when called, cuddle when you want to cuddle and sit on command. We are cats and proud of it! 

We want to be recognized for who we are – which does vary from dogs but not in a manner that lowers our worth. Be an Advocat! Together we can change the future of the cat-animal bond for the better and save a lot of lives in the process. I am a proud cat. I can roar but I would rather purr.

About Me.

I am a robust and handsome 15 year-young cat. I was one of the five seniors that arrived here at Second Chance after our person passed away. I have a luscious coat that I truly enjoy getting brushed and pet.

Is your home missing that perfect centerpiece of furry friendliness lounging about waiting to give you some loving comfort? Is your home calm and loving? We should meet. I will also introduce you to my equally mellow bestie Rhodes who is my snuggle buddy whom I would be willing to share with you as well. Thanks for being an Advocat.

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