Making a decision to adopt a dog is a serious process resulting in a lifetime-commitment and responsibility. After pushing through the ping ponging whirlwind of doubt and clarity and signing the adoption form most new dog parents discover that they have made one of the best choices of their lives. But for some “adopter’s remorse” can set in, like waking up with a big hangover in the wrong bed wondering “what have I done?!?”

You diligently reviewed your checklist prior to adopting a new dog. You carved out the time to exercise, socialize, train and nurture your new dog. You created the financial wiggle room for food & routine vet care. You determined that your home and work schedule can accommodate a furry family member. You researched and selected what you feel will be the type of dog to best fit your lifestyle. Then you adopted a new dog with all the excitement and expectation of a smitten lover.

Then reality smacks you down. You thought you adopted a couch potato like yourself but soon discover you have the energizer bunny on your hands. Or you thought you adopted a shy and reserved dog but are finding that she is an attention demanding diva. Perhaps you wanted a dog that would be a great travel companion and it turns out she gets car sick. Regardless of the discovery, it is accompanied by disappointment.

But is this the “wrong” dog for you or is this kismet? Does the concept of “opposites attract” apply to dog/human relationships or is that just a romantic notion reserved for the human species?  Can the “wrong” dog truly be “right”? Is this the wrong dog for you or some kind of twisted divine intervention?

Are the unexpected hidden qualities that your new dog is presenting ones that you really needed to embrace in your life? Are these reflections of your own personal challenges that you have been avoiding? Is your dog pushing you to extract dormant aspects of yourself that you have forgotten, avoided, resisted, or perhaps never even discovered? If you tweak established aspects of your life to respond to your dog – could it possibly enhance your life?

Can the experience of integrating a new dog into your life be paramount to a metaphysical experience? Ok I will stop asking questions. But yes indeed, some people do see dogs as true teachers of the transformative, as paradigm shifters and initiators of Truth. Just saying…

In conclusion, I ask all dog parents to consider what I have laid upon your feet like a chewed up slipper. Just a few alternative reflection when fretting over if you have chosen the “right” dog.  Perhaps consider why your dog has chosen you, Grasshopper…

About Me

My name is Betty, a very friendly 3 year young Husky who is great with other dogs and only mildly talkative. I am super fun to train because I am smart and love treats. I love long walks and will walk nicely on leash. I have never had a family to call my own. I may not be the right dog for just anyone but I know my “right” person is out there waiting for me.

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