I want to be a wellbeing dog. Actually I already am, as I make everyone around me feel good, but I want to apply my power of wellbeing-ness more specifically. So I am applying for a spot in Second Chance Humane Society’s Pets Turning Pages Program. Through this program pets like me are going into the Telluride, Ridgway & Ouray public schools to support kids with reading. 

Here is how it works: you bring a bright, chillaxed, comforting, encouraging, loveable dog like me into a classroom where kids are just learning the joy of reading and building confidence with reading out loud, and magic just happens. Kids who may not yet have a strong interest in reading, mostly because they are lacking self-assurance in their ability, jump with excitement to read to a dog like me.

Ok, so it is not fully altruistic giving on my part, I would get to leave the shelter and go snuggle up with kids who read fun stories to me while I listen attentively and learn about great adventurers, funny dogs, dancing giraffes and Lego Ninjago battles. And I would feel like a celebrity with all the kids vying to read to me.

I would be good at this because I am shy too and I find that when children are anxious they can relate better to animals than human beings. I know some of the kids start out reading rather timidly, as they don’t like to read to others, but once they realize that dogs lack judgement and love to hear them sounding words out they cut loose and narrate with total abandon. I would sit, listen and even lean in on my kids a little bit – to make them feel even safer.

As there are more kids than I can sit with in one morning Second Chance is seeking additional volunteers (people and dogs) to participate in this program. Developing a love and joy of reading is so critical to young children and what better way to support this. It is a very inspiring, fulfilling, and powerful way to make a difference in your community. If you are interested contact Second Chance today. 

My name is Bailey. I am a lovely female Saint Bernard/Collie mix that grew up with a big family that did not love me the right way. They moved away and just left me alone in the backyard. It really hurt my heart and I have been sad and a bit untrusting of people since.

I do feel ready to love again though and as a senior I don’t want to waste more time so I hope we can meet soon. I love walks and being outside and am very gentle and polite. Let my wellbeing-ness increase your wellbeing.

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