Tips, tricks, and techniques for adding a new pet to your family and for making life great for your pets.

What Breed is That Dog?


When we share photos of dogs we have for adoption, invariably we get the question: “What breed?” We usually answer with a shrug and a

What Breed is That Dog?2023-05-08T15:02:07-06:00

Finding a Lost Dog


Second Chance Humane Society has had two lost dog cases in the past year. Both were nervous dogs who escaped from a new home or

Finding a Lost Dog2023-01-30T11:51:53-07:00

Is That Cat Really Lost?


Did you know that less than 10% of lost cats are reunited with their owners? Here at Second Chance, our adult cats are either owner

Is That Cat Really Lost?2023-01-23T11:58:26-07:00

Pet Years to People Years


With November being “Adopt a Senior Pet” month, the age of a pet is something we’re thinking about. Although our pets who are 7 years old and older are available for our special “older” pet adoption rate, most pets are not really “old” at seven.

Pet Years to People Years2023-02-08T11:16:08-07:00
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