Over 800 Pet Columns have been written. Here are some golden oldies.

How to ID a Cat


According to the Humane Society of the United States, only 2 to 5 % of the millions of lost cats entering shelters annually nationwide are reunited with their owners. This is mainly because cats do not arrive at shelters with secure identification to get them returned to their homes. Compare this to dogs, reunited with owners at eight times the rate that cats are (only 14% of cats arriving at shelters have i.d. as compared to 43% of dogs).  

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Cats, the Other Humans


Hi, my name is Auggie and, although I look like a cat, I am actually a human. I prefer dogs to cats and people to dogs. I like to go out and explore the world. So, I have decided to just be a person instead. As cats share 90% of our genes with humans (true, plus dogs only share 81.9%!) I don’ t think it is too much of a stretch. Particularly when you consider the many other similarities cats share with anthropoids…

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Proper Pet Parenting


Part of Second Chance Humane Society’s community education programming focuses on promoting responsible pet parenting, a short phrase with big implications. Responsible pet parenting involves a broad array of actions and decisions, most of which your pet can not make for him/herself. Kinda the same thing as with human kids really…

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Big Dog Myth Busting


What do you get when you cross a Boxer with a Body Builder? About 90 pounds of warm cuddly deliciousness. That’s right, you get me, Bustalicious (my friends just call me Buster though) a buoyant big-hearted boy dog, who also happens to be homeless. So how come I haven’t been adopted yet? Am I too big? Nonsense. Read how I dispel those rumors that give large dogs a bad rap…

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Managing Good Behavior


My name is Penelope and I’m a very bright girl eager to learn new things. But did you know that teaching a dog something new isn’t all that’s needed for them to learn something new?

Dogs are born with a whole set of behaviors that we as people don’t usually enjoy – jumping up, chewing, barking, digging, chasing. Fortunately, because they are domestic animals they are usually quite happy to work with us.

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Declawing a Cat is Inhumane. Period.


Take a look at your fingernails. Now imagine what it would take to permanently remove them. Ouch. Looks like you’d have to remove part of your finger right? Yep, that is what happens when you declaw a cat. Speaking from experience it is awful.

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Hitting the High Country with Your Bestie


Summer has officially begun and as it’s been a scorcher already (be thankful you aren’t covered in fur like me…) it’s time to get into the high country…with your dog. Backpacking with canines can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, particularly if you properly plan for it. I can help you with that…

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Proper Dog Greeting


Hey there, I’m Spud! I’m a fabulous young homeless lad here at Second Chance who is learning that life can be good. I’m still a bit timid, and thus a classic example of a pup who really needs “dog-friendly” human greetings. If you don’t know what I’m talking about - read on!

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Newly Adopted Dog Transition


Hey there, I’m Annie, although my friends here have nicknamed me Wheezy cuz I am a silly, sporty little dynamo who has been known to make some ridiculous noises. I’m one of the homeless gang at Second Chance looking to be some human’s best friend! Meanwhile, I thought I would prepare all adopters on how all newly adopted dogs need time to adjust to their new families.

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Never Too Old for a Pet


So here is something that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, that as humans enter their “senior” years, when pets are more important than ever in providing companionship, love, and a long list of health benefits, that they are often separated from their beloved pets. It is heart-breaking for the senior and all involved in the senior’s life, including the pets. So let’s take a few moments of preparation so we can prevent this from happening to you.

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